Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Pop Prints

2nd Marking period has held several fun projects, the first being pop prints, produced ourselves by carving out of a 'Stamp'

This project was inspired by famous Pop artist Andy Warhol, whose famous reproducible prints flourished in the 1960s. His colorful prints of everyday items, such as the campbell's soup can (shown below), Were seen everywhere in the 1960s, as well as being household staples today.

Mimicking Mr. Warhol, our class chose one item from our 'Blue' collage to sketch and reproduce ourselves. I chose to reproduce a small, blue, squeaky tennis ball dog toy. I chose this individual item because I obviously love animals, and have had several of these same toys around my house for all the years I've been alive.

After carefully carving out our sketched images, we inked them and printed them, often with several different colors of paint. Shown in the lower image is my print alone, printed in black ink. The above image is the image I ended with, a colorful piling of tennis balls, which looks very much like the pop art we were trying to achieve. 

I personally enjoyed this project quite a bit, mainly because the exact image I had carved out could be reproduced again and again, in different colors, and would never lose it intensity. Yay for Pop art :)

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