Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Fortune Cookies Galore!

When Mrs. Kiick came in with a box of fortune cookies, we all were excited. A project based on cookies? Count me in! 

After eating several fortune cookies we saved our fortunes and were told to create a book page based on the fortunes we had received. My personal fortunes all involved Love, working hard, and working towards new things. So I set out to create a book page that interprets all of my personal fortunes, and added some personal flare as well. 

I decided not to use magazine images for my book page, as I wanted something soft looking, and sometimes the harsh edges of magazine images can take away from a paint. Instead, I decided to just doodle what I felt would represent myself. First, I divided the page with a tree, which is textured with modeling paste. This represents growth towards the future, so on and so forth. The two halves are representative of work, love, and the stairs of success working together to build towards the future self. Corny, maybe, but I like how the image turned out. It also helps that all the colors in the image are my favorite colors blended together. On a side note, The bird is made out of the numbers from the fortunes. It represents freedom and moving on.

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