Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Week Of Respect.

Well, firstly let me say do NOT get the blogger app for iphones/ipads/ipods. It does NOT work. originally i was trying to post this from my phone but it didn't work, so now i have no grade for this... but i decided to post anyway since its the week of respect and that's important.

I personally believe respect is shown not only through superficial words, but actions as well. Even though a person may say they respect you, it seems empty when people just say it. Superficial and fake, actually. When a person truly respects someone, they will show it through actions. Saying hello and goodbye, asking for advise, showing kindness in any way; that is respect.

Now, respect is beneficial in any way given, for it often gives the receiver a boost of self esteem. In this world, people are put down so often they don't even believe in themselves anymore. I mean, look at this world. Teenagers everywhere commit suicide because they feel unwanted, unloved and unRESPECTED. They feel worthless, as if no ones cares. Many talents are wasted just because no one took the time to respect these individuals like they should have been.

When you show respect to everyone around you, others will take notice and start respecting others as well. Even if they do not show respect to you, show respect to them. Be the better person.

Show Respect!