Friday, November 4, 2011

Tattoo Design.

Right now i am working on a tattoo design for a friend, thought I should upload the work in progress here :)

Reflection? Already?

I cannot believe the marking period is over already! it seems like just yesterday was summer. Now we are headed into winter, having already had a snow, and I lost at how time flew by so fast!

This marking period has been a huge learning experience for me. Being a first year art class person, it has really helped me improve dramatically in a short amount of time. I used colored pencil for the first time, which taught  me how to blend colored on top of each other, not just clump them all together and hope it works. I also learned to gradient scale better then I had already known, which has helped me a lot while we are creating our self portraits.

All and All i cannot believe the first fourth of the year is already done and gone. I am looking forward to the other 3/4 of the year!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Self Portraits... Kind of?

In class right now we are working on a temper - paint self portrait, where we draw ourselves from a picture, paint it, then ink over the entire drawing and rinse it off. After this happens, we simply rework everything that was lost.

I find this project extremely difficult because I am a detail type art person. I love to add the fine, small details in order to create a realistic image. Problem is, in this project detail doesnt really play a role, because it will all be lost anyway when you rinse it. I have problems with this, because it has taken me four days to finish one practice paper, and even that was forced!

Tomorrow i will begin the ink process on my practice. hopefully it goes well, or else my entire paper will be covered in color pencil.

Huge Paper :

Me! ( not really. looks nothing like me ) 

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Apple a Day...!

For the last couple weeks we have been drawing apple still lives in Mrs. Kiick's class. First, we attempted to take pictures of a cool thing called a viewfinder, which I find to be a really good tool in drawing still lives. a viewfinder is a piece of paper ( folded ) with a small part cut out of the center that is proportioned to the size of the paper. It helped me so much! 

First, we worked with pencil ;

In progress


This being the first time I had worked with pencil in awhile, It took a little getting used to again, but pencil is my favorite thing to draw in, so it came back fast :)

After Finishing, we moved onto Colored pencil, which I found a great amount more difficult. I had never worked with colored pencils before, so there was a great deal of figuring out I had to do. But it turned out good in the end.

Colored Pencils ;

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Week Of Respect.

Well, firstly let me say do NOT get the blogger app for iphones/ipads/ipods. It does NOT work. originally i was trying to post this from my phone but it didn't work, so now i have no grade for this... but i decided to post anyway since its the week of respect and that's important.

I personally believe respect is shown not only through superficial words, but actions as well. Even though a person may say they respect you, it seems empty when people just say it. Superficial and fake, actually. When a person truly respects someone, they will show it through actions. Saying hello and goodbye, asking for advise, showing kindness in any way; that is respect.

Now, respect is beneficial in any way given, for it often gives the receiver a boost of self esteem. In this world, people are put down so often they don't even believe in themselves anymore. I mean, look at this world. Teenagers everywhere commit suicide because they feel unwanted, unloved and unRESPECTED. They feel worthless, as if no ones cares. Many talents are wasted just because no one took the time to respect these individuals like they should have been.

When you show respect to everyone around you, others will take notice and start respecting others as well. Even if they do not show respect to you, show respect to them. Be the better person.

Show Respect!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Intro to Blogging !

I have to be honest. I never thought I would ever in a million years be sitting at a computer writing my thoughts down for the world to see in a blog. I have never had the slightest idea to ever create a blog, So when Mrs. Kiick told us we would be creating an art blog, i was less than enthusiastic. I am still trying to get the site the way i would like it, so for now enjoy a digital painting i did :)

Ever since i was little i have always had a pencil in my hand. I have never taken an art class, and instead have taught myself how to draw bit by bit using online tutorials and such. I am excited to finally take an art class with a teacher like Mrs. Kiick so that i can advance even farther in my art career. I am excited to see where this year will take me!  

- Kirstyn.

PS. Your probably wondering where the name sure shot designs comes from. I run a small photography business called Sure Shot Photos, so i decided just to make a Sure Shot designs. The name Sure Shot comes from my Horse, Shotzee, who's formal name is Its A Sure Shot.