Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Art x3

What is this dark image you ask? This is the result of my tumultuous Art x3 project. We received this project in the middle of the marking period, and I was happy when we were told we would be making a collage based on the Theme of Celebrities and what it means to be in the spotlight. However, I was not so thrilled when we were told we were going to have to share our works of art with 3 other people, working on the first two projects for only 2 days each. Honestly, I was confused by this concept, but decided to go with it and try it out.

For my beginning collage, I simply made a few transfers onto a white piece of paper, and stained it with some light watercoloring on the outsides. This can be seen below:

For my second, I received and amazing well started collage that looked complete, and I barley wanted to add anything to it. But, Alas, I had to, so I added some blue coloring, a cadillac, and a few other images to the top. This was by far my favorite image I worked on:

For my third and final project, I received a paper with several hard images glued onto a paper with sparkles. However, they were well placed and easy to work with: 

So I began working. We worked on these papers for about a week, and to be honest, I do like what I came up with, however, I must have been in a dire mood one of those workdays, As it turned out much more black and dark then I had intended. Yet, I lighted it with good old watercolors, and was  happy with the result. My favorite part of the final piece is the bottom left corner, where the shadowed girl is whispering 'gossip' out of her lips, with 'Star' above her. (Hard to see in the picture at the top)

Alas, Art x3 was a success, even though I was not too keen on sharing in the beginning.

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  1. I love how this came out, it looks like it has a cool texture