Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Capsule of Time

As the year comes to a close, we have begun a project to make a time capsule that is representative of ourselves in this given time period. As we grow older, we all change and evolve, and I love the idea of encapsulating the person you were earlier in life.

In my personal time capsule I have placed many items I feel are representative of my life and I. As I move on to my future life in a few weeks, I feel I will be appreciative when I find this capsule in a couple of decades.

Within the capsule I have placed pictures of myself and my friends, my horse, some pictures of fun high school memories, a few pages from some of my classes, a list of my favorite bands/ songs, a few of my doodles, the list goes on. The picture of my horse is of the day I received him as a birthday present, or one of the happiest days of my life. The pages of my history notebook are so I can remember all the great history teachers i've had (my favorite subject next to art), and so I can see what my handwriting was like. Everything I placed within the capsule has a certain meaning to me, and I am hoping it will make my future self smile as well.

Now onto the outside of the box. I decided to paint the box rather than collage it, as I am not the best collagist. On top I painted the scene I feel best represents me, my typical mountain sunset paintings. I just love the beauty of both sunsets and the mountains, so why not combine them? On the sides i painted a number of different designs, each representing one of my years of high school, starting with freshman year and ending with senior year. Im leaving it up to onlookers to think of which side is which year.

I am sincerely hoping that this time capsule survives a few decades. Maybe it will, and if it does, I hope it makes me smile to reminisce all the memories i've had in my four years at HTHS.

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