Wednesday, June 11, 2014

A Final Goodbye to HS

Well, it seems this next week I will be walking to get my diploma, saying goodbye to high school after four long years at HTHS. Within those four years, I spent two years in Mrs. Kiick's art class, which were probably two of my favorite classes of the entire high school experience.

These classes have provided me with a way to learn and grow in art, an opportunity to access my usually hidden creativity. In these two years I truly believe I have grown as an artist. When I came as a sophomore, I only knew how to shade with a pencil. I knew nothing of depth, or shading with light. Through these two years I have learned how to use acrylics, watercolor, transferring images, and colored pencils. I have also learned that I can draw more than just horses, and mountains, although they remain my favorite things to draw. I have truly benefited by coming to art classes these two years, and I wish I had taken them all four years.

Both years we did different projects, but I do wish we had had the opportunity to work with metals this year. To this day my metal piece from sophomore year remains one of my favorite works. However, the bike drawing we did earlier in the year has taken its place among my favorite works of art. Yet, next year the art program is once again expanding into several different classes (I'm jealous!)  so people will have several chances to work with what they want to do in the art world.

As I step into the world and head off to college, I will always remember my creative arts classes with Mrs. Kiick. She pushed me passed my perfectionisms and made me see that going with the flow is sometimes the better way.

Thank you for being a great teacher Mrs. Kiick, and goodbye HTHS - I hope the future is great.

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